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Enhance Windows Clipboard with multiple snippets, secure storage and full-text search
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Windows Clipboard
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20 December 2012

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There can be so many times that while reading a favorite article or quote in our favorite magazine we wish to capture that specific text or copy it for using it elsewhere or simply note it down; for which you wish you could copy and paste the information securely. If we ponder upon the thought of the advent of computer systems, we can easily make out the simplicity and ease that these systems brought into our lives; especially when we talk about securing and storing any kind of information. The computer systems have made it extremely simple for us to manage information in any form owing to the multitude of applications and programs that have been developed in order to sustain the effort. Hot Copy Paste 4.3 is a tool that lets the user enhance the usage of Windows Clipboard with several snippets.

Hot Copy Paste opens with a systematically arranged interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and the left pane displaying the groups with which the user can look out for searching and storing up requirements. The user can get as many commands of cut, copy and paste for information at one time and can capture any detail like imagery, text, tables and any other object along with retaining the same while rebooting the system. The information that is accessed is saved with security algorithm that the user takes to encrypt the information and makes the information visible to the owner only. The user can also assign names to the snippets and manage them easily with the help of Clipboard Manager.

Overall, Hot Copy Paste 4.3 is an interesting piece of software that works easily for all kinds of requirements and hence gets a rating of four points for its user friendly performance and utility value.

Publisher's description

Enhance Windows Clipboard with multiple snippets, secure storage and full-text search. Hot Copy Paste works in every program supporting Windows Clipboard, and works in many that don't. Cut, copy and paste as many snippets as you need at once! Hot Copy Paste will store information you copy to the clipboard so that it won't be lost even after you reboot your PC.
Hot Copy Paste is the better Clipboard. Removing built-in limitations of Windows Clipboard, the new clipboard utility allows you to copy, cut and paste many pieces of information at once. Recording every snipped such as sections of text or Web pages, pictures, tables and other objects, Hot Copy Paste will store them securely for future use. Hot Copy Paste stores information you copy and paste, so it won't be lost even after you reboot your PC!
Concerned about security? Hot Copy Paste will encrypt information you cut and copy with an industry-standard Blowfish algorithm and a strong encryption key, making your snippets visible to your eyes only. You can even assign the names for the snippets hiding their content and specify programs from which Hot Copy Paste will never keep any snippets.
The clipboard manager supports all applications supporting with Windows Clipboard, and enables many programs that don't by pasting the text as series of keystrokes. You can set Hot Copy Paste to paste text as HTML code or remove all formatting by pasting plain text. Of course, Hot Copy Paste supports every format recognized by Windows Clipboard, allowing you to copy, cut and paste text, graphics, tables, audio clips, and other embeddable object.
Hot Copy Paste makes it easy to navigate through thousands of snippets. Supporting grouping and filtering, and performing full-text search for the snippet in need, the clipboard utility makes managing data you copy, cut and paste easy. And just in case you paste some snippets more often than others, there are Favorites for the snippets.
Hot Copy Paste
Hot Copy Paste
Version 7.0
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